Motta Y2K Fantasy Football League 2014


What’s going on CCRAZYMAN Nation! We completed our second Fantasy Football draft yesterday. The Motta Y2K FFL has been in effect for 20 plus years. The hosting platform was actually changed over to CBS in the year 2000. The league commissioner, Mike Motta has been running this fun & efficient league so effectively, the same members have been playing year after year with hardly any turnover. This is a 12 team league & the point system is based on a yardage scoring system. One unique twist with this league is there’s a “rookie” spot in the starting lineup vs. the traditional flex position. The player in this position has to be a offensive player in the NFL for the first time. Continue reading

Any Given Sunday 2014 Fantasy Football League


Hello Fantasy Football fans worldwide! The 2014 NFL Season is upon us & you know what that means… Fantasy Football!!

Yesterday CCRAZYMAN Sports participated in our first draft of the 2014 season. The Any Given Sunday FFL has been going strong now for over a decade. The league owner Daryle Mcghee has been doing a great job keeping things fun and exciting year after year! Our sponsored team in this league goes by the name of “Blue Magic”. The league is hosted on the Yahoo Platform & it’s a Touchdown league. All TD’s for each position receive 6 points for a score. This is a 10 team league & starts 1 qb, 2 rb’s, 2 wr’s, 1 te, 1 flex (w/r/te), 1 pk & 1 def. Each team carries 9 bench spots of any position they desire. Take a look at the divisions below: Continue reading

Pam Oliver out after this season… 20 years strong!

Hello CCRAZYMAN Nation! I just finished reading a article about Pam Oliver being demoted to the #2 Fox NFL Team after this upcoming season. At first I was shocked! She’s done a wonderful job over the last 2 decades. As a avid football fan, I’ve grown use to seeing her on the sidelines. She’s carried herself with the utmost professionalism & kept us fans on point with insight from key players in top games. Pam_Oliver_foxsports_NFL Continue reading

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